Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

November 11, 2018

First of all, it is really best to match your table to your decor: if you have a traditional home with all its decorations, then by all means bring out the cornucopia with fruit or root veggies, or turkey platter or such.  However, if your decor leans more toward the contemporary vibe, then you can go with that overall look to have your table "fit" your home's style.



The same is true for colors: Thanksgiving is very yellow, orange, rust, and brown as well as beige and tan.  If those colors fit in your decor, great.  If they don't, there's nothing wrong with using colors that work in your decor.  Maintaining the navy blue accent color in your living/dining room with your blue stemware- just make sure it relates to something else on the table, like blue dishes for sauce or condiments.


Try to make the focus of Thanksgiving on being grateful.  One way to do that is to ask each guest to name one or two things that they are thankful for this year.  One can be obvious, like "I am thankful for my cats," but one should be more enigmatic like, "I'm thankful for my health after a real scare this year."  You can go around the table and name something that you are thankful for as your simple blessing for the food, family and friends prior to the meal.



Whether you're cooking turkey and dressing for two or twenty, make the table something to "ooo" and "ah" about, so prepare it ahead of time.  We recommend setting the table on Tuesday (or Wednesday at the latest) and add the final touches on Wednesday evening.  We have two rules to use for Thanksgiving:

  1. Use candles at the table.  They bring a warmth and elegance like nothing else can.
  2. Elevate your centerpiece a bit, without making it impossible to see the person sitting beyond it.



The centerpiece above might be too tall to make conversation conducive, but take other ideas from this beauty.


                                    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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