Window Treatments for Doors

October 07, 2018

Window Treatments for Patio/ Sliding Glass Doors

When selecting a window treatment consider a treatment with a horizontal movement, as those that raise and lower can be heavy and challenging to lift.

Hunter Douglas Applause with Vertiglide
Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers
Skyline Gliding Window Panels
Light blocking shades provide privacy, drapes provide ambiance.
Roman Shades work well here.

Window Treatments for French Doors

French doors are ones in which both sides open rather than just one.  Usually the window covering is mounted on the door but is considered an “outside mount” because it is mounted beyond the glass frame.  Most of the time extension brackets or spacer blocks are used for clearance.  Often cut outs need to be planned to account for the doorknob or handle.  Hold down brackets at the bottom of the treatment are often needed so that the treatment stays flush to the door and doesn’t fly out when the door is used.
Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb provide temperature control.
Roman Shades attached to the door.
Dual treatments provide privacy, light control and ambiance.
Top Down/Bottom Up Provide light control & privacy.

In conclusion:

What comments, queries, or ideas has this inspired in you?  We would love to receive your photos of successful window treatments for the doors in your decor.   Check out this website if you need help with your space.  We would love to help, and we always make time for our readers.

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