Tips for Welcoming Spring into Your Decor

April 28, 2019

As we move from winter to spring, we can feel a difference in all of nature: growth and movement, rather than the stillness of winter.  More light, and warmer temperatures allow our deciduous trees to sprout leaves, and our flowering trees and plants to show off their marvelous colors.  You may feel ready to move, or even a need to move in this wonderful season.

Open up the Window Treatments!

We often shut our windows and their treatments to preserve the warmth within during Winter, but it’s time to add some needed light- open those coverings and windows and let some beautiful light into your home. Wash the windows on the interior and exterior, and if you have a partner, have them clean the outside window simultaneously.  Then you’ll be sure not to miss something stuck on the window or have streaks.  It's far better to do it on a cloudy day, when the sun won't dry the cleanser faster than you can get to it with cloth (not paper towels) and cause streaking.  (You can simplify the whole process by having a service do the cleaning for you.)  After you're all done, be sure to open the windows, even if it's just a tiny crack to let some fresh air into your space.

Add Some Brighter -Colored Accents


Whether it's place mats, table runners, prints of flowers, your favorite activities, or decorative pillows, add some pops of color throughout your home.  Put away the darker, warmer throws on the couch.  Replace your crème colored candles with bright white ones, or the pop of color you've selected.  Mix in some floral patterns in the mix for even more pizazz. 






Add Color to Your Bedding


Sheets are easy and can be less expensive to change out than bed covers, so think about an accent color that will complement the current colors within your bedroom.  Pantone's Living Coral, Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan (a fairly cool grey hue) and Behr's Blueprint are popular new colors for 2019.

Ready Your Outdoor Spaces

If you’re lucky enough to have a deck, patio or other outdoor space, it’s a great idea to prepare the space for future entertaining now. Start with a power washer on your flooring, whether it’s a deck or a concrete floor.  Determine whether  further work is needed (like a new stain or coat of protectant) on the floor before you do anything else.  Then pull out the outdoor furniture, wash it off as needed, and clean off the cushions.  Take a trip to your local nursery to purchase some new annuals to brighten the space- it will lift your spirits to see it regularly.


In conclusion

What questions do you have related to this?  We would love to receive your photos of your refreshed bedroom, living room, or a flower-adorned deck that you completed- ideally before and after.   Check out this website if you need help with your space.  We always make time for our readers.
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