Use Feng Shui for a Better Bedroom

October 21, 2018



This bedroom has a lot of potential, but the bed's placement & lack of color scheme don't make it as appealing as it could be.

Color Schemes:

The bedroom is a Yin room, where you want to relax, become intimate with your partner, and regenerate. (Yang rooms could be considered to be any place where you entertain company, or gather as a family.) Research shows that the most relaxing colors are blues and greens- perhaps because they echo the colors of water, the sky, plants and trees in nature. 
The late HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche, beloved former leader of the BTB Sect of Feng Shui would have agreed that these colors work well in a bedroom, helping one to relax. 
What if blue and green just don’t work for your tastes? You could lay the Ba-gua on your home and figure out the best color(s) according to it, or you could use colors that help you to feel relaxed. I’d just suggest that you avoid too many dark colors or intense hues in the warm family such as red, bright yellow, or orange (as are present in the Ba-gua chart below.) 
Selecting a pastel, a version of white (like stark white to beige), or a soft neutral like grey would also work.


photo credit: Bedroom via photopin (license)


The good news about the modern (or BTB) Feng Shui that practiced by this firm is that there’s a solution for almost every problem, which we call cures. Some cures are easily explainable, and follow science, medicine and good design principles. Other cures, however are illogical, irrational, mystical and/or transcendental. It’s the latter that often makes the bigger difference in the Ch’i or energy creating an uplifting environment within a home.



Bed Placement:

Because the bed is the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, it’s going to be the focal point. After you’ve dressed it in fabrics that are wonderful to the touch as well as visually pleasing, then think about its placement. To create the best Feng Shui, put it in a position so that you can see the main door to the room when you’re laying down without aligning the bed with that entrance. (The one is the picture above is floating in the middle of the room- not a great placement.) Sometimes this is difficult or impossible due to windows and doors to closets and entrances. If it is, call me and we’ll set up an appointment for a consultation to determine the best option for your situation.


Do You Need a Headboard?

 In short, yes, and it can be made of anything (ideally) except metal. Although a headboard attached to a bedroom wall rather than the bed is perhaps better than none, you really want your headboard to be attached to your bedframe, supporting the mattress and box springs. Place the headboard against a wall (or in the corner if you have enough space in your bedroom.) Think of it as a foundation for a quality night’s rest.



Bedside tables:

Nightstands do not have to match, as is sometimes purported in books on Feng Shui. Just like you and your partner are different, you can have two different tables to meet each of your needs. Think of it as asymmetric balance, or even Yin and Yang: you want a lamp to read, and table to place your book; your partner may want several drawers to neatly store night time needs. That’s just fine.

Master Bathrooms:

According to Feng Shui, it’s best if your bedroom and bathroom are not part of a master suite (i.e. that they’re separated only by a door.) Worse yet, however if when there is no door separating the two rooms. 
If you're thinking, "let's get real. I need a bathroom close to where I sleep," then keep in mind there are cures for this situation, including adding a pocket or swinging door.
If you have this situation in your home, give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment for a consultation to determine the best option for your situation.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

A flat ceiling, 8' tall or higher is the best one, according to Feng Shui. If you have beams (like in the picture above), a coved ceiling or other architecturally detailed ceiling, it may cause problems. Again, contact us for a consultation and we'll figure out the best solution to the problem.

In conclusion:

Clients in the greater Puget Sound area have experienced the benefit of Feng Shui through a consultation. Maybe it’s time you are shown you how to alter your surroundings to create a more uplifting environment where you are able to breathe and be at your best. Think about it and contact us through this website when you are ready.

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