The Return of the Blues!

July 22, 2018

True Blue

When you lighten red, it becomes pink.  When you darken yellow, it becomes brown.  Whether darkened into navy blue, or lightened into powder blue, this hue remains true unto itself. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to utilize blue in your décor if you really don’t care for the hue. 
As pure color, blue is spirited, attention-grabbing, and courageous.  When you blend in white, you soften the hue, cool it down and turn it toward a pastel version of itself, otherwise known as a tint.  The tint of blue is young-at-heart, subtle, and gentle.  If you add black to it, you deepen and darken the color, which is known as a shade.  Shades tend to be opulent, enigmatic, and sophisticated.  A tone is composed of a blue with added grey, or a combo of white and black.  Tones tend to be more neutral, calming and soothing.



Warm Blues

Famously calming and peaceful, blue can have very different effects on a room depending on its temperature. Warm blues, like denim, ocean blue, or azalea blue, contain hints of red. They have a tendency to advance when compared to their cooler version, (or come toward you,) so they help make a room feel cozier. Designers often like warm blues in social spaces, like the living room, the kitchen, or the dining room.
Traditional Home Magazine
Traditional Home Magazine
Coastal Living Magazine
Cococozy Kitchen
Tina Giovan, Designer

Cool Blues

Cobalt, aqua, and ice blue, have a bit of yellow in them and make them tend to recede, which helps a small space look bigger. Cool blues encourage calmness (for a bedroom) and focus (for an office.) Sometimes cool blues can go a little further and be cold. In a bathroom, where you may want a clean look, that can be a good thing.
Traditional Home Magazine
House Beautiful Magazine
Here's an old version blue- yuck!
Gorgeous true blue- so clean!

Feng Shui

Blue is the color of knowledge and wisdom in feng shui.  While it can be seen as a stand-alone quality that is important in life, it has strong influences on almost every other gua/area, whether it’s family relations, intelligence to make good decisions about our children, our financial decisions, making good marital choices, creating good business partnerships, building wise relationships with helpful people, intelligent career choices, and even choices that promote our health.


Color Combinations

Conjuring up images of the sea and sky with a few perfect clouds, a blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style that’s cool, calm, and collected. Using various tints, tones and shades of blue can create a conservative and/or sophisticated look.  Using blue with its complement orange can create an eye-popping excitement or toned down with rust, can create a traditional appeal.  Mix the color green with blue for a natural feeling of a lakeside or meadow.

Traditional Home Magazine
Roger Davies, Designer
Source: My Home Ideas
Source: Sunnyside Up
Rust with greyed blue- rich!

In conclusion:

In upcoming entries, we will point out some other lasting trends occurring in the design world, whether it comes from fashion, technology, or another source.  What comments, queries, or ideas has this entry inspired in you?  We would love to receive your photos of blues in your decor.   Check out this website if you need help with your space.  We would love to help, and always make time for our readers.

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