Awesome Thanksgiving Table Decor Using Feng Shui

October 27, 2019


If you are hosting dinner, whether it is for 4 or 24, it’s easy to get intimidated and just wait until the last second to do much with your table decor.  We encourage you to do a few things everyday (Sun., Mon., Tues., and Wed.) prior to the big day, so that you don’t get overwhelmed and instead you create warm memories for you, as well as your guests long into the future.

                                    Photo credit: Randi Garrett Design

Color According to Feng Shui

In his book Living Color coauthored by Sarah Rossbach, Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun speaks of Chinese color associations in these ways:

  • Red- an auspicious color connoting happiness, warmth, strength and fame. It’s a very energizing color, so it may cause enlivened conversation or spirited arguments.
  • Purple- an equally auspicious color, this one inspiring respect, high nobility and power.
  • Yellow- (or gold) stands for power, so the emperors liked to envelope themselves in it with their robes. It also stands for tolerance, patience and wisdom.
  • Green- represents tranquility, hope and freshness.
  • Blue- associated with spring, new growth, and hope.  It is also associated with a mourning color to the Chinese.
  • Blue-Green- Closely aligned with the colors of nature and verdant youth.
  • Black- gives a feeling of depth, both in mood and perspective. It also indicates a lack of hope, and can make us feel depressed.
  • Gray- an ambiguous color that to some indicates a marriage of opposites: black and white.
  • Brown- can be used to create a stable, established impression.  It symbolizes the depth and roots of wood.
  • Tan- represents a new and successful beginning.
  • Orange- is an auspicious color and is imbued with happiness and power.
  • Pink- presents love and pure feelings, joy, happiness and romance.
  • Peach- has a double meaning: it represents attraction and love and is best used by single individuals.

Using this information, if you use traditional colors for Thanksgiving of yellow, tan, orange, and brown are all very “safe” colors to use on your table.  It will invoke happiness, a stable new beginning, and give you a sense of power.  Items you would need to recreate the table decor above include:

  • placemats of any of the colors above; no tablecloth on a beautiful wood table
  • Gold metallic chargers
  • creme colored dinner, salad and bread & butter plates. These could have a beautiful rim, assuming that they work with the color scheme
  • Pumpkins, gourds, wheat, nuts in shell, and fall leaves for centerpiece
  • Flatwear of stainless/silver
  • Creme napkins

However, if you want to use gray, silver and yellow & rose gold, with a touch of black, the atmosphere created would be one of calm, with tolerance, patience and wisdom.

  • no tablecloth, gray solid placemats on a beautiful wood table
  • solid white dinner plates
  • black & white salad plates (which don't have to match perfectly)
  • clear stemware/drinking glasses
  • creme mini pumpkins, some spray-painted rose gold, yellow gold, black
  • gray solid colored napkins w/gold & black ties
  • stainless/silver flatware

                                            Photo credit: This Is Our Bliss

If you use gold, black, tan, white, and brown, you’d have an occasion that created powerful, new and successful beginning that is a bit more serious.  Items you would need to recreate the table decor above include:

  • a table runner that includes a tan/gold and black pattern on a beautiful wood table. Add a black/white tablecloth under if your table isn't black.
  • Gold metallic chargers
  • White dinner and black salad plates (possibly w/gold trimmed edges)
  • Clear glass stemware/glasses (possibly w/gold trimmed edges)
  • Large maple leaves that are spray painted gold for each plate
  • artificial fruit spray-painted creme and metallic taupe
  • white napkins

                                               Photo credit: Stone Gable

If you used orange, rust (a combination of brown & orange) and blue you’d have an occasion full of happiness, stability and power. Items you would need to recreate the table decor above include:

  • a white tablecloth, although a rust-colored one would also work.
  • rust colored dinner & salad plates
  • blue and white patterned dishes
  • navy blue stemware/drinking glasses
  • orange mini pumpkins
  • twigs with orange berries
  • navy/clear mini vases with seasonal small flowers in orange & rust
  • stainless/silver flatware

If you went with black, gold and white you would have a more somber event that would encourage patience and wisdom.

  • a black tablecloth
  • gold chargers colored dinner & salad plates
  • black or white dishes
  • clear stemware/drinking glasses
  • clear vases with white flowers
  • clear glass votive holders w/white votive candles
  • stainless/silver flatware

More Inspiration











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Add candles

Whether it’s just votives in glass containers, tapers, or pillars, we strongly recommend you utilize candles.  It gives a special warmth to your table that can not be replaced.  Buy unscented ones, so that they don’t compete with your food’s delightful aromas.

Remember the Basics

If you would like more of the basic principles of a well-designed dining table, check out this entry: Your Thanksgiving Tablescape blog

In conclusion

If you need help, whether it's creating a wonderful Thanksgiving table scape, or a feng shui consultation to create an uplifting environment for your whole family, please check the rest of our website and contact us from there.  We would love to hear from you, as well, with comments, questions, and/or pictures of your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Please join us on Wed., Nov. 6 10:00 AM (PST) for our monthly 10 minute Facebook video, when we will share even more pictures of amazing tablescapes for your inspiration.

                         HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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