Remodeling Your Bathroom - Part 4 of 4

May 20, 2018
Last week, we discussed the type of remodels one might plan, creating a wish list of amenities desired, and determining your “must haves.”  Today, we will look at places to get creatively inventive on your bathroom ideas, your budget for this project, the remodeling process, and difficulties to avoid during construction.
You can get your creative juices flowing by looking on any of the following websites:  (Join and put together pictures of all the looks/amenities you like.) (Join and put together pictures like on Houzz)
According to the Hanley Wood Media, the Seattle average for a full bathroom remodel is $22,043.  The magazine also reports that this improvement will increase your home’s resale value by an average of $20,603.  That’s just $1,440 you’ll actually have paid (when you finally sell your home) for a more efficient and more attractive new bathroom. 
Remodeling magazine figures are based on a bathroom that is 5 by 7 feet where you “Pull & Replace” pieces (#2 of three kinds of bathroom remodels I identified in the last entry.)  It is a main bathroom, not a master bathroom.  Work would include all new tile on the floor, a tile tub surround and new tub, toilet and vanity with a countertop and built-in sink.  It also includes new paint, hardware, faucets and light fixtures.  This does not include any structural work, new electrical, or moving plumbing locations.
Another way to look at a remodel is to spend 8-10% of your home’s value on your new bathroom remodel.
Home Value:  Bath Remodel:
$300,000       $24-30,000
$400,000       $32-40,000
$500,000       $40-50,000
$600,000       $48-60,000
$700,000       $56-70,000
$800,000       $64-80,000
$900,000       $72-90,000
$1,000,000    $80-100,000
Regardless of what your budget number is, here’s a breakdown of percentages you’ll need to consider when remodeling your bathroom:
50%     Construction
28%     Plumbing Fixtures
9%       Tile & supplies
6%       Vanity
4%       Countertop
3%       Hardware, wall paint

The Remodeling Procedure: Expectations

photo credit: Framing begins via photopin (license)
  • Preparation: take all of your belongings out of the cabinets, closets and find a place for them.  Hopefully this will occur in another bathroom if you need it tomorrow, but much can be placed in boxes in a dry location as if you were moving.

  • Demolition: fixtures, flooring and surfaces that are being replaced will be removed.

  • Plumbing & Electrical Rough-in:  All work done behind the drywall to support lighting, ventilation, fixtures and shower fittings will be completed.

  • Framing: This varies somewhat depending upon if you have recessed medicine cabinet(s,) storage niches, alcoves or shampoo shelves in your shower.

  • Wall installation: drywall plus cement board for wet areas will be prepped and installed.

  • Tile installation: minimize grout lines on all tile installation according to a plan.

  • Fixture installation & Trim: Fixtures and fittings are installed and tested for functionality.

  • Review Care Guidelines: It’s imperative that you read and use the guidelines that are provided by manufacturers for their products, so that you’ll enjoy years of enjoyment in your new bathroom.


Avoiding Difficulties During Construction:

  • Develop a complete plan with your interior designer, rather than doing a little at a time without a total picture of the project.

  • Have all products ordered & available from the very start of the project.

  • Be sure all drawings include dimensions so no worker is “shooting in the dark.”

  • Consider waste removal options and re-purposing old fixtures.

  • Have a written timeline for the entire project.

  • Consider an interior designer or construction team that offers project management support, so that installations occur properly.

  • Communicate all updates in writing.  Avoid changes to avoid over-runs in costs.

  • Consider all decisions before the project begins (e.g. where you want to shampoo niche to go in the shower to where you want the toilet paper dispenser to be placed.)


In conclusion:

We would love to hear your thoughts and questions regarding your project. Clients in the greater Puget Sound area have experienced the benefit of hiring a professional to help with this process. We can discuss ways to save money, as well as ways to upgrade the appearance without adding a lot to the budget.  Think about it and contact us via this website when you're ready. 

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