2018 Predictions for Chinese Zodiac Animals

February 04, 2018

Below are some of the predictions for the coming year, the Year of the Earth Dog.  Take a few minutes to read yours and your loved ones’ predictions.  Remember to do a good deed daily, as it can make a positive difference in your day… and your year ahead.


Your career should run smoothly this year, and you should have good financial luck in a year that will not be as good as last for most people. Your home’s feng shui will be negatively affected, however, so attend happy events such as weddings, celebrations and parties in order to receive positive Ch’i. You may have assistance from helpful people in your sphere.  Consider donating to charities that have to do with improving health or dealing with medical issues, as it may help you to not have to spend money on your own health.  Remain calm and do a good deal daily.


This may be a year of ups and downs for you.  This may be a particularly tough year if you are a male.  The rabbit, or your best friend, the rat my help you to negate problems.  Be careful not to work too hard to improve your situation, as you may suffer calamities or illness.  Adopt a modest and generous strategy to the year. Do a good deed daily.


Overall, your career will improve this year: officials will enjoy promotions and students will enjoy academic success.  Work hard and achieve your career breakthrough. It’s a good year to take classes and improve your knowledge, especially related to your career.  Your health will be good, and remain stable through the year.  Accept misfortune with grace and dignity, dealing with adversity through forgiveness. Do a good deed daily.


You will enjoy wealth and joyous events this year.  For the vast majority of the year, life will be filled with domestic harmony, academic achievements and prosperity. Collaborations and group work will be favored.  Small renovations in your home would be great this year. Buying new furniture is also favored. It’s a great year for a rabbit to marry, have a child, or buy property.  Avoid gossip and beware of arguments among relatives, lawsuits, and back-stabbing from scoundrels.  Open your heart.  Remain calm & patient. Do a good deed daily.


This will be an unstable year for you.  It would be wise to avoid gossip, domestic disputes, and discord with your family members.  Travel is favored this year, so get out and take business or pleasure trips.  Plan a party you’ll host to bring good energy to your home.  Celebrating your anniversary can help you avoid marital disputes. Your party could celebrate a wedding, new baby in the family, or a house warming. Do a good deed daily.


Your luck for the year will be fairly smooth.  Work will stabilize, and you receive a promotion and a raise. You will have helpful people surround you and bring you good energy.  You may even find the mate of your dreams.  Business owners may find the year to be challenging, but don’t give up.  Better times are in your future.   Do some minor renovations in your home, buy some new furnishings or at least put a new coat of paint on your home’s interior or exterior.  You may experience some minor health problems, or become depressed.  The best solution is to meditate, and do a good deed daily.


The luck for your year will be good.  Bask in your years of success for career, family and romance.  This is a good year for collaboration, with new chances for helpful partnerships.  You may have a mixed financial future, so be sure to work hard, as your career will benefit.  You can gain your boss’ trust and be promoted.  This is a good year to renovate in order to bring good luck & energy into your home.  You will experience good health, but your family may be challenged with illness. It’s a good year for fun and parties, so get out and celebrate when you can.


This will be a year full of ups and downs.  The most challenging part will be at the beginning of the New Year, but things will improve as the year progresses. With assistance from helpful people, you could enjoy smooth operation in your endeavors. Renovate your home’s interior, change out furnishings, or at the very least paint the house.  Then, enjoy parties and host them in your new environment to bring good energy to your home.  Seek immediate medical attention if you fall ill. Do a good deed daily.


This could be a year of good and bad fortune. This is a wonderful year for you to travel, however.  If you find opportunities for training or conferences overseas, this could elevate your ch’i. When you are away from home, be wary of accidents, however.  Beware of health problems for your elders and children.  Remain calm and conservative to avoid problems. Do a good deed daily.


This year, you will experience a better year than last, and have greater stability.  Be prepared for things to not go your way, however so as not to be caught off-guard. Beware of health issues among the youngest and oldest of your family.  Stay cool and calm during any crisis. Try to attend celebratory gatherings whenever possible to bring positive ch’i to your entire home.  Do a good deed daily.


While one would think that since it’s the Year of the Dog, that things would be great for dogs.  However, this isn’t the case. It’s a good idea to donate blood at the end of the Rooster Year, and to make charitable donations throughout this year to bring positive ch’i to your year.  If possible, be a part of the three happinesses: getting married, having a child, or buying property.  It’s also a good idea to renovate your home this year to invite good energy into your home. Stay calm and maintain good health. Do a good deed daily.


This year, you will enjoy many happy days.  You should enjoy prosperity, domestic harmony, good health and a booming family business. You will receive help from an older male, who will make a good partnership and give you sound advice.  This is a good year for business travel, and even better overseas.  It’s a good idea to broaden your career horizon.  Try to relax and hold no grudges. Do a good deed daily.

In conclusion

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                                   WAN SHI RU YI
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