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November 25, 2018

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A personal story

When my sister and I were very young, our mother (who did not consider herself very artistically creative) gave us complete control of the decorating of our family’s Christmas tree. Amazingly, our father (a kitchen cabinet maker) would create the redesigned look of the actual evergreen tree down in his workshop. He not only flocked our tree some years, but he also painted our tree (using a spray gun) silver, or gold, or one year even turquoise! Although we started with traditional multicolored big light bulbs in the fifties, we quickly discovered the tiny white lights that adorn my tree today (although I now have LED lights.) Regardless of the theme, they complimented our designs. We would often make the ornaments out of actual ornaments, fabric, paper, felt, fabric trims, and/or whatever we could find that fit our theme. In the sixties I can recall folding beautiful paper to make many tiny Origami cranes to decorate the tree! Today, you can use feathers, beads, ribbon... whatever suits your fancy.

In conclusion

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