Is "Coastal" Your Style?

August 05, 2018


Sometimes this style is overdone.  If every item found in a home has a fish, seagull, boat, oar, or shell design that has been thrown onto every surface imaginable in a space, it can look downright tacky in a hurry.  

                                                       FYI: This is too much!

Instead, think about creating open spaces, and a clean, refined feel.  Hues like whites, crèmes, tans, and blues are a possible color scheme. You could, alernately, also use grey schemeeven with black accents within a 3 hue scheme.


There’s always lots of light from an abundance of windows and (ideally) open spaces in an effective Coastal environment.  Often blessed with lots of outdoor spaces or a screened porch, Coastal homes often blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.  If your home doesn’t have lots of windows and glass doors, either consider adding them or at the very least place canned lights in your ceilings, and mirrors and sconces on your walls to create and reflect more light.  That’s often why lighter hues are used: to reflect light rather than absorb it.



There are a huge number of sea-themed patterns available on the market today.  Choose one (or maybe two at most) and then use it sparingly- like in 2 throw pillows and an ottoman.  Wide stripes in white, crème or sand tones with blue create an automatic reference to the sea. Consider using outdoor fabrics on the interior of your home- they’ve come a long way to feel and look great, too.  Whatever you choose, make it more casual looking, like you could flop down on the couch after a long walk or run on the beach without hurting a thing.  Covering upholstered furniture with slip covers that you can launder is a great idea for those whites and crème colors.


Case goods:

Lighter toned woods are a great way to go: think of driftwood tones from the beach: bamboo, pickled wood, and an occasional painted piece works well.  Rattans and grass cloth are another option that brings a coastal vibe to a space.  You can use shiny, metallic surfaces to contrast many organic ones.  Darker woods should be used sparingly as the jewelry of any room, rather than the mainstay.


Window Treatments:

Keep window treatments simple.  Remember you want to allow as much light as possible into your interior spaces.  If you have a view of water and privacy isn't an issue to might choose nothing in some spaces.  That might also mean Roman shades, simple drapes, shades, or even shutters (which have had a resurgence in popularity in recent years.)




In general, less is more.  A few visual references to the sea like an old sea float, rope and anchor go a long way to communicate your Coastal theme.  Your artwork can definitely reflect your theme, whether it’s a beach scene, a grouping of black and white sailing ships, or lithographs of sea shells.



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