Hollywood Regency Style

June 10, 2018

Regency Style in England

The original Regency Style was actually popular in England (and only there) 1810-1830.  Characteristics of the style included the fact that although it drew from the Greek and Roman classical trend from B.C.E. and early C.E.  times, it also drew in some Egyptian, Chinese, and Moorish elements.  Furniture had relatively plain, slender and elegant lines.  It was known for its chandeliers lit with (then avant guard) gas fixtures. Chinese wallpaper was common.  Carved and gilded furniture, including brass inlays  were considered part of the style, and color was used throughout.





Hollywood Regency style...

...which returned in the 1930s  is all about enjoying people, enjoying time together, and enjoying the moment. It’s about glamour, appeal, and enjoying the concept of entertaining.

Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo, Jean Harlowe and Joan Crawford come to mind in films that featured Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Tyrone Power to help with your mind set.

Marks of Luxury:

Hollywood Regency design is silk lampshades, dense, sculpted carpets, and velvet window treatments. People’s homes were their calling cards, their mark of distinction in the 1930s. Being invited to some homes for a cocktail party, dinner, or a party was a mark of honor.


Hollywood Regency focuses on making the home a centerpiece for guests, and classic designers spared no shine, glitz or glamour in making that happen. A home became a showpiece when designers added glossy shine on furniture.

Smaller Scale:

Because the era is all about people, the furniture is small by comparison to our sectional sofas and “oversized” (furniture) society. One wants to create an atmosphere where the most important consideration is how people can interact with one another. The furniture and its arrangement simply follows that function. Modern furnishings work best in a Hollywood Regency space. Straight and clean lines, a touch of French influence, a little Art Deco (leftover from the 1920's) all work in a Hollywood Regency décor as long as you keep the proper scale and modern influence with your furnishings.

Invest in Classics:

Investing in a few classic pieces of furniture can make the difference in any interior. Although many of us can’t invest our savings in designers Dorothy Draper and William "Billy" Haines' works, we can observe the lines they created and find great quality pieces. You can also begin with lamps, side tables, Chinoiserie artwork, or accessories.

Color Schemes:

Use a color palette that is tasteful and refined. Classic combinations included red, black, and white or vanilla, as well as ice blue, taupe and white or crème. These groupings can create the glamorous feel of old Hollywood. Bold patterns and textured fabrics also lend themselves to the "over-the-top" feel of the design.


Think extravagance when picking out fabrics: silk, satin, leather, suede, animal print, and anything textured or with a hint of glitter and glam are wise choices for both the upholstery and for accent pillows, drapes, and other fabrics used throughout the room.


While Hollywood Regency design is a salute to another era, it is still incredibly modern and relevant to today's hurried lifestyle, where people view their homes as sanctuaries where they can relax. If you enjoy entertaining, and love to have friends and acquaintances over, then consider Hollywood Regency style. Not sure? Watch some old movies, and take note of the style used on their movie sets. When you’re ready, go for it, or better yet, give us a call and we’ll discuss it… maybe over cocktails!

Thanks to HGTV, House Beautiful, Pinterest and several sources. Let us know what you think and if you need help creating this style!  We can’t wait to hear from you.


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