Feng Shui Consultations

March 11, 2018

Feng Shui consultations usually take 2 or more hours of uninterrupted time in your home or office, and accommodate the schedules of both client and practitioner. Fees are determined at an hourly rate of $150/hour.

First, let us make a blanket statement: Every Feng Shui consultant is unique, as is every client, so every consultation is going to be slightly different.


Before the Consultation:

We talk via the phone or email about your home or business, as well as your needs and desires for this consultation. We set up a mutually convenient time that we can meet at your space. You will need to send a floor plan of your space prior to the consultation. This might be an architect’s drawings, but more likely it is a rough guestimation of your space. We like to know how the building is placed on the lot, the orientation to the street, where each room is placed, and placement of the front door (as well as the beds, the desk and stove within the home.) Sometimes a second phone call is made to chat about any situation seen from the floor plan prior to our appointment. You will need to prepare 9 red envelopes containing the fee for Chinese tradition, acknowledging that you are going to receive sacred and secret information. At least some money is needed in each of the 9 envelopes, and you will present these envelopes to me at the culmination of the consultation.

The Consultation:

We will generally arrive a bit before the consultation to get a feel for the neighborhood, and to meditate so that the mind is free of any distractions. You will receive a knock on your door at the prearranged time. You will often be asked to give a tour of your whole space. You may choose to make an audio recording of the consultation so that you can listen to my explanations and suggestions again afterward the consultation. We ask that phone calls and other interruptions be eliminated during our time together.

We often sit down then, and talk you through some of the basic precepts of the philosophy such as the Ba-gua and a bit of Feng Shui history to give you a basic understanding of the practice.

We then walk through your space, and will identify the various areas of the Ba-gua. We chat about each of the guas, or sections of the space with you. We make suggestions for cures (i.e.: remedies) for possible problems that are noted as we travel through the space. Some cures require moving furniture or equipment. Some necessitate adding an object*, such as hanging a crystal, wind chime, or light (amongst other remedies.) Some cures call for repairing or replacing a broken item or system.

At the end of the session, we walk to the area of the space you would most like to see change. You are then taught the Three Secrets, a feng shui ritual that helps to insure that the cure(s) you are implementing will have the maximum affect on your desired change. You then pay your prepared 9 red envelopes as an acknowledgment of my sharing sacred information.

After the Consultation:

You can feel free to contact us for clarification on anything that we have said that’s unclear to you after the consultation. The sooner you implement cures (i.e.: remedies,) the more likely the desired change will occur. We provide you with a written “report” to you within a week of the consult for an extra fee. Now, you visualize the change, and wait for it occur. This sometimes happens immediately, and it sometimes happens over time.

Feng Shui Tune-Up:

Sometimes people ask us to return to give them a refresher on their home or office after the initial consultation, particularly when a major change such as family member or personnel move, a remodel, or updating has occurred.
We are happy to accommodate your needs, as the only thing in life that is constant is change, which can affect the Feng Shui.

*Some cures, such as crystals, mirrors, and wind chimes are available for purchase through our company to facilitate your ease of installation.

In conclusion:

If you have questions or comments, contact us via email: [email protected] as we will check back and answer whatever we can on paper. There are many types of feng shui used here in America, and we use BTB or modern feng shui.

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