Does Art Deco Work with Modern Style? Part 1

May 12, 2019

A Brief History

Joan Blondell and Art Deco props.
Art Deco style has been a fashionable trend since it began in Paris in the earliest part of the 20th century, but reached its pinnacle in the Roaring Twenties and Thirties. 

It was a direct replication of the jazz age, and Americans idolized the flashy flapper movement. Hollywood glamour epitomized this development, and the movies of that era were a reflection of this design style. 


Architectural structures such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are the most recognizable of this era,
but there are many buildings throughout the country that echo Art Deco’s sophisticated style.
Elevators at 1411 Building, Seattle


The ceiling is definitely Art Deco in the Exchange Bldg., Seattle

Art Deco In Seattle

There are quite a number of Art Deco buildings in Seattle, boasting more of a Northwest version of the style.  The Seattle Tower (1218 3rd Ave.) is truly a masterpiece.  The Exchange Building (821 2nd Ave.), and the 1411 Building (1411 Fourth Ave.) are other stunning examples of the Art Deco style.  Interesting in knowing more?  Check out the Seattle Architectural Foundations many tours.
Even today, Art Deco seems to be more popular in warmer climates such as Florida and California, although Seattle boasts a number of significant buildings in that style.
Homes are usually rectangular, boxy and horizontal but come in many variations today.  They’re clad in smooth white stucco or Caribbean pastels.  
These simple lines are combined with rounded corners and elegant arches that are beautifully sculpted.  


Windows vary from large to small, and are rectangular, octagonal, and even round. 
Abstract, geometric, chevron and zigzag motifs adorn the window frames and cornices.  Doorways are either plain and industrial, or flanked by angular or stylized shapes.

In Two Weeks
We'll share some more information about Art Deco and how you might use it in your home's decor.

Ready to Go NOW?

If you're ready to go, please contact us through this website, and we'll make an appointment for an initial consultation.  If you need more info, come back May 26 when we’ll talk more about interiors of homes and how they work with modern designs.   If your home has some Art Deco characteristics, take a picture and send it to us.  If you’re not sure about what style a piece of furniture is, send a picture via email or text.  We can't wait to share more about the amazing style!

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