Does Art Deco Work with Modern Style? Part 2

May 26, 2019

Exterior characteristics are similar to those of commercial sites. Homes are usually rectangular, boxy and horizontal but come in many variations today.  They’re clad in smooth white stucco, earthy tan, or occasionally in Caribbean pastels if you live in warmer climates like Florida or Southern California.  These simple lines are combined with rounded corners and elegant arches that are beautifully sculpted.  Windows vary from large to small, and are rectangular, octagonal, and even round.  

Open Concept with High Ceilings

An Art Deco home has an open floor plan with eclectic flair. What if you don't have high ceilings? Since this is just one characteristic, it's possible work around this, especially if you have an open concept space, or non-loadbearing walls can be removed to provide one.









Features that are classic to an Art Deco home include a stone fireplace and a flowing staircase. Today’s designers utilize contemporary materials in their Art Deco designs such as stainless steel, lacquer and opaque glass panels.  In the sixties, Art Deco Style saw a resurgence in popularity.  That interest has again hit a high point in the U.S. today.

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Design Motifs

Abstract, geometric, chevron and zigzag motifs abound with this minimalistic style. 



Doorways are either plain and industrial, or flanked by angular or stylized shapes.



A selection of furniture that would work well with either classic or a more contemporary vibe might include some of the following pieces:
Curves make this a chair everyone wants to sit in!
Glitzy mirror is so popular today!
Curves even dominate the barware!
This writing desk is a classic!

In conclusion

You can see from the photos below that clean contemporary and modern style can and will work with most Art Deco styled furniture. You will be adding some curves  (and comfort) to the more linear look of Modern Design Style.  You'll also be adding some symmetry to the otherwise asymmetrical balance of Modern Design. Ready to take the "plunge?"  Contact us for help in creating your Art Deco with clean contemporary style home... or office! 
Who'd go to the movies with this media room?
Not quite ready to take the plunge into Art Deco?  Need help to visualize what best suits you?  We're here to help. Our website, will give you more information about the possibilities for your office or your home. 
Have questions or wish to share your thoughts?  We'd love to hear from you!  If your home or office has some Art Deco characteristics, take a picture and send it to me.  If you’re not sure about what style a piece of furniture is, send a picture. 


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