Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond

December 08, 2019

We wrote some time ago about five design trends that were going to “stick around” for some time, so go back and check that out, because we still like the staying power of those selections.


We’re still loving the open concept look in our homes.  Just like higher ceilings give a more expansive look to a home, fewer walls make it look and feel larger than it actually is.  Buyers feel it’s a requirement for purchasing a home, unless they plan to renovate before moving in. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are often combined.

Slowly but surely, LED lighting has improved to give off any type of light you desire, from warm to cool, and has become more affordable.  Take advantage of this, but be certain you have the right CRI and Kelvins for your particular space.  Need help?  Give us a call.

For quite a while, dark stained wood floors were very popular.  We’ve lightened up on the stain so that the beauty of the wood is more apparent.  It also shows less dirt, sort of like a black car, which shows it needs a wash before lighter colors.  We’re also tending to move toward a more honed look, rather than a polished finish unless the home is very formal in appearance.

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Brass has returned as a favorite in the kitchen, bathroom and all around.  Again, it’s a honed (rather than polished) look that we tend to love.  Metals of all tones are back throughout the home, and we are mixing them more than before.










Black mullions on windows have become popular.  One can’t help but point to the well-known Texas couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines as the ones who popularized the look.

Barn doors have almost replaced pocket doors, coming in traditional, rustic and modern style.








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For the Kitchen

Undercabinet lighting is still important, (and more than any other room in the home,) we need as much light as possible in the kitchen. A combination of recessed lighting, undercounter lighting and pendant lights are usually what prescribe for a kitchen.

There is an undercurrent of change regarding the finish on appliances.  There is matte black, darker stainless, colorful, and even white, while stainless is still available and today remains the most popular.

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Appliances in general have become more techy, with ovens that now are a combination of steam, microwave, convection, and/or radiant heat.  This saves you time and provides delicious and healthful meals 8 times faster than traditional ovens. Cooktops are beginning to move to induction, although gas certainly still holds a grip on a portion of the population.












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Countertops in quartz, quartzite or ultracompact surface are slowly taking priority over granite.  Quartz is an engineered stone made mostly of quartz, is an extremely hard material that needs no sealing.  Quartzite is a natural stone is very hard and durable, takes the heat, does not scratch and is stain-resistant although sealing is needed in most cases.  Ultracompact surfaces are a material made of porcelain, glass and quartz. Given the zero-porosity, its become a versatile and high resistant option.  Countertop finishes have gone from a polished finish to a honed or suede finish.

Floating shelves have become more popular, rather than upper cabinets.  That means you will be displaying dishes on these open shelves, rather than your cereal, rice and other pantry items, however.  They lighten up the kitchen however when you remove some or all of the upper cabinetry.

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In conclusion

If you're wondering why you should care what the new trends are in 2020, then consider that these are the products that will be available for purchase in the coming year.  If you need assistance with determining products for your home, contact us through this website and we'll make an appointment to help... either a little or a lot, depending upon your needs.  We look forward to working with you!

                                              HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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