Chinese Zodiac Animals' Personalities

December 22, 2019

If you don’t know your Zodiac Animal, go to to learn which of the twelve animals in which you were born.  The Rat is the first in the cycle of twelve, so you'll want to scroll way to the top of this entry to read the characteristics of the Rat to anticipate the coming year.  More of course will be shared on the coming year!

Personalities of the Twelve Zodiac Animals:


The Rat tends to make decisions carefully, meticulously analyzing all the facts.  He/she therefore sometimes misses out on opportunities that arise occasionally, fearful of making a bad move. Often consulted, the rat is considered a wise and good counselor, although becomes doubtful when making his/her own decisions. The rat tends toward a conservative career, but is usually comfortable in this decision.  In fact, that rat has a positive outlook on life, growing from negative experiences in a positive way.

Matches: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

Mismatches: Sheep, Horse, Rooster, Rabbit


The Ox is a hard worker who gets things done methodically and patiently. Discipline is second nature to an ox, and he/she will hold out for the end goal with consistency and diligence. It may take longer for an ox to figure out the right path to take, but once he/she does, he/she works toward that end. The ox is slow to allow others into its sphere of friends and loved ones, but once he/she does, the ox is a great friend and protector. The ox thrives in circumstances that allow a deep and narrow field of study, where a thorough understanding is needed.

Matches: Rat, Snake, Rooster

Mismatches: Horse, Dog, Sheep, Dragon


The Tiger is courageous, active, strong and stable, and makes an excellent leader and protector.  There is a love of adventure that guides his/her basic nature.  A tiger rarely shows his/her emotions, yet sometimes lashes out to release the tension within. The tiger has immense passion about anything or anyone he/she cares about, so relationships sometimes run their course until the flaws in the union allow him/her to move on. In career, titles and respect are very important to a tiger, and he/she can craft his/her style to meet the expectations of the job.

Matches: Pig, Horse, Dog

Mismatches: Snakes, Monkeys


The Rabbit is quick, clever and ambitious.  Rabbits make friends easily and are skilled at making others happy.  Rabbits have a strong inner compass guiding their emotions.  If he/she feels happy, then rabbits are apt to believe that everything in their life is going well.  When they feel frustrated or sad, they often act quickly to right the problem without carefully analyzing the situation. Rabbits may have issues with money, always wanting more financial independence, although they’re not apt to overwork, as they’d rather socialize.

Matches: Dog, Sheep, Pig

Mismatches: Rat, Rooster, Horse, Dragon


The Dragon is born in the most auspicious year of the cycle. Possessing magical powers, the versatile dragon is capable of soaring to amazing heights or diving to the depths of the sea.  As such, dragons are prone to experience great growth and crushing tragedy at various points in their lives. The dragon has strong morals and while never deceiving others, is sometimes the victim of deception.  A dragon is strong and will be able to endure whatever life throws its way.  Committed to the adage that hard work pays off, dragons are predisposed to work hard, sometimes too hard in their career.  Dragons will benefit from compassionate friends who can help him/her see that there must be balance between work and play.

Matches: Rooster, Monkey, Rat

Mismatches: Dog, Ox, Rabbit


The Snake is wise, philosophical, calm, and understanding.  They learn from their mistakes and are quite adept at identifying the undying motivations of others. Because of this, snakes are seldom (if ever) taken advantage of, and live life according to their own plan.  Snakes enjoy being in the company of others, but when too many people surround them, they tend to retreat to refocus their thoughts.  Self-preservation and romance are a difficult combination, and thus snakes may go through life searching for the right partner.  Their main issue is one of trust, yet it’s difficult for a snake to consider another’s interests as equal to their own. Snakes prefer a career in the same field and company, and feel most comfortable in the sameness.

Matches: Monkey, Ox, Rooster

Mismatches: Tiger, Monkey, Pig


The Horse is an extremely likable character, very cheerful, charming, and flexible in nature.  They tend to favor frank conversations, and are sometimes too blunt, needing tact.  This makes those around them find the horse an enigma, but doesn’t stop people from wanting to understand them. Horses can be loyal friends and partners, as their inclination is to do well by others. They are inclined to wait for a partner to show up in life, and tend to take a passive role in the relationship. In career, the horse will look for a position that allows him/her to work without much conflict or compromise, and will move on if a position has too much of either.

Matches: Sheep, Tiger, Dog

Mismatches: Ox, Rabbit, Rat


The Ram is endowed with innate intelligence and an artistic nature, who will fare well in business.  The ram appreciates repetition and a well-planned life.  The ram is easy to be around, and they are often friends with the person with whom they end up sharing a romantic relationship.  The ram has difficulty sharing their feelings with others, so they may find it difficult to cultivate and maintain close relationships. The ram is adept in his/her career, adjusting as the requirements that the position dictates.

Matches: Horse, Pig, Rabbit

Mismatches: Rat, Ox, Dog

The Monkey

The Monkey is lively, likable and witty.  Innovative and intelligent, the monkey can solve problems quickly and skillfully and is able to accomplish much in business.  As a young person, those born under the sign of the monkey may move very quickly from one event to another, but as one matures one can learn to move toward the positive and away from the negative.

Matches: Snake, Rat, Dragon

Mismatches: Pig, Tiger

The Rooster

The rooster is hard-working, resourceful, talented and a self-assured person.  Just as the rooster greets the morning sun, they often do best when they use their instinct.  They have a tendency to overthink, which can cause the rooster to get caught up in minutia and lose sight of the big picture.  Having close friends can help him/her become aware of this and move forward, however.  The rooster is a thoughtful partner, both in the early and later stages of a relationship.  In career, the rooster can excel if he/she can learn to comfortably make decisions on his/her own.

Matches: Dragon, Ox, Snake

Mismatches: Dog, Rabbit


Those born under the sign of the Dog make a faithful, honest, and courageous friend. The dog has a deep sense of justice, and inspires confidence in others. Living rich inner lives, they can spend hours lost in their own thoughts, or entertaining themselves with puzzles and brain teasers. Dogs tend to live a more restrained outer lifestyle, completing exactly what is asked of them yet only that. A dog will rarely gain satisfaction from superfluous relationships or communication, but would rather delve deep into life. Dog personalities do well with math, or other specialized fields.  Craftspeople or engineering can also be excellent career choices for the dog.

Matches: Rabbit, Tiger, Horse

Mismatches: Rooster, Dragon, Ox, Sheep


The Pig is sensitive, caring and indulgent. With a strong interior grasp of their life and the people around them, they are able to spend as much time alone as in the company of others. Pigs are often devoted to their partners, but can step up and take the lead in the relationship when they feel the need. In their interactions with others, pigs will usually try to take a leadership position. Pigs tend to do well in positions where they are able to take charge of a group or a project as a whole. Once achieved, a Pig will often obtain the respect of his/her subordinates. 

Matches: Tiger, Pig, Rabbit

Mismatches: Monkey, Snake

In conclusion

Be sure to check out our next blog regarding celebration ideas for the New Year on Sun., Jan. 5.  Also mark your calendar for the following entry being published on Sun., Jan. 19 for a more in-depth prediction for the Year of the Metal Rat according to your Chinese Zodiac Sign. 

Have fun with the Chinese Zodiac, rather than taking it all too seriously. Have questions, concerns, or thoughts you'd like to discuss about the Chinese Zodiac or your animal within it?  Need a feng shui consultation to fix some problems in your life?  Contact us through this website, and we can talk... for free!  

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