Celebrating Autumn's Bounty

October 13, 2019

Autumn is represented by Metal in the Chinese Five Element Theory, which impacts our businesses, organization and planning for the future. We can use the metal energy to organize ourselves and our businesses. The Metal element helps us to communicate more effectively, speak out against injustice and assists us to attain perfect timing.
This is a great time to entertain and enjoy the company of friends and family, so make your entry welcoming.  In Feng Shui, the entrance to your home is considered the mouth of Ch’i: the breath of energy.  It’s the most important area of your home, both inside and out.  Start by cleaning the area and pulling up or trimming back plants that are feeling the bite of colder nights and shorter days.  Make certain that the path to your door is clear, well-lit and uncluttered.

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine gave us this idea + the 1 below.

Then, using those gourds, pumpkins, garden mums and leaves, make a welcoming arrangement using 5, 7, or 9 varying sizes, shapes, textures and colors somewhere near your front door. (Our eyes like odd numbers of items.)

This busy entry works due to repetition of lots of Fall additions.


Even in a condo, you can add some welcoming Autumn beauty to your home's entrance.



A close-up of the wreath...


...and the gourds.


One word of caution from our perspective:  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  In our opinion, the following picture is an example of this. You need a clear path to the door.


More gourds, seed pods, fruits and vegetables can grace your home, perhaps in a cornucopia.



Alyssa Nesbit for Better Homes & Gardens




Here’s our newest arrangement of “findings” on a walk and nuts in the shell collected ...at the grocery store.


Popcorn (unpopped) is the base for crème colored candles in glass cylindrical vases, wrapped with an artificial leaf and brown ribbon.

 These are pretty simple ideas, and should take just a few hours to collect and arrange.  


Check out our Pinterest Board entitled, "Autumn's Splendor Celebrated" at www.Pinterest.com/ShelleyNordlund if you want more ideas. Then you’re set until after Thanksgiving, really, (well, except the tablescape you'll want to create) so pour yourself a glass of wine, hot chocolate, or hot spiced cider, sit back and enjoy with friends and family.  

Need help? We're here, so contact us. Our website will give you more information about the possibilities for one of the rooms in your home, or in your whole home! If you need more help, contact us!  There's no time like to present to ready your home for the holidays.

                                May your Autumn be abundant for you! 

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