Autumn's Bountry Celebrated!

September 02, 2018


Autumn is represented by Metal in the Chinese Five Element Theory, which impacts our businesses, organization and planning for the future. We can use the metal energy to organize ourselves and our businesses. This element helps us to communicate more effectively, speak out against injustice, and assists us to attain perfect timing.

Below are two more means of Celebrating Autumn in your home:

Adorn the Front Door with an Autumn Wreath

Christmas isn’t the only time that you can dress up your front door to welcome guests. A wreath of Autumn foliage, fresh vegetables and/or fruit can last for several weeks to a month, and good quality artificial fruits and vegetables combined with autumn foliage will last "forever."  Why not greet every guest coming to your home to celebrate the harvest season.


Create a Welcoming Entry 

After you've cleaned your front porch of the ravages of Summer, think about ways you can adorn the area seen as most important in feng shui (to welcome good energy into your home.)  Invigorate your front porch with pumpkins (which come in crème, gold, green as well as orange), squash and gourds for a festive look. Just go to the grocery store or plant nursery with an eye for decorating- amazing shapes, colors, sizes, and textures are available. Add a few leaves (either real or quality artificial) to complete the look.


In Conclusion

We hope you’ll utilize one or more of the ideas we’ve shared for Autumn. Don’t forget to carve a pumpkin with your children (nieces, nephews or grandchildren) for a fun family evening.  Need help with this small project, or a bigger one?  Contact us at this website and we'll spend a few hours preparing your entry and living areas for Fall... or for your remodel.  

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