Design Trends to Avoid in the Bedroom

September 23, 2018

Guest Editorial by Amy Highland- learn about the author at the bottom of this page.

Cluttered design

Some design styles embrace “more is better” and would have you crowd your bedroom with furniture and accessories. Flipping through design magazines, you might see rooms filled with kitsch from bedside tables, a foot-of-bed bench, dresser, chest of drawers, wing chairs, side tables, and shelves. 

The more you cram into your bedroom, the worse your Xi flow and sleep. Instead, minimize furnishings, clear the visual and physical clutter, and create space and flow. Your bed should be accessible from both sides and the fewer furnishings, the better.

You can make do with four pieces of furniture:



Another design trend to avoid is a visual imbalance. Some might think the approach is artsy and that each piece in the bedroom should be unique. Imbalanced room compositions lack harmony. Symmetrical design encourages Xi flow more than asymmetrical design. 

Center your bed on a wall, place bedside tables on either side, equally spaced and ensure ease of access all around. While this design seems simplistic compared to what you might see in glossy home décor publications, it’s the lack of complexity that lets you relax and sleep more deeply. 


Smart home features are all the rage and home design experts are embracing the elements to weave smart tech throughout the home. That’s fine in most rooms, but in your sleep space, you should avoid this trend. Cell phones, tablets, TVs, and other digital devices emit EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Feng Shui tells you that electrical waves tamper with your energy flow, cause stress, and can disrupt sleep. When designing your bedroom, make it an oasis of low-tech harmony. Leave the computer and tablet in other rooms and don’t install a TV in your bedroom either.  If you already have a TV in your bedroom, rethink its placement, or at least put a fabric cover over it before you go to sleep. 



Some design trends would place your bed at an angle or near a door. That’s not good for your Xi. Ignore these trends and place your bed flat on a wall, preferably centered, and facing the door rather than in line with the door. 

Before you embrace a design trend, consider how it impacts your balance and Xi, and whether it will be a bane or benefit to your best night’s sleep.


About the author:

Amy Highland is a sleep expert at Her preferred research topics are health and wellness, so Amy's a regular reader of Scientific American and Nature. She loves taking naps during thunderstorms and cuddling up with a blanket, book, and cats.

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