Adding Rustic Elements to Your Home

March 04, 2018

Perhaps you have wonderful old collections of dishes, pottery, and/or such you’d like to display but need to create a style that will show them off effectively. Maybe you have some beloved antique/collectible furniture that you found/inherited years ago that you want to utilize more effectively. 


Form Still Follows Function:

If you’re working on redecorating your living room, then what activities occur that you want to facilitate?  (Playing games, relaxing, and entertaining come to mind.) Now find ways to facilitate those activities with furniture placement. Start with the biggest piece of furniture and try different positions in the room, keeping it from sitting against the wall if it’s a couch (not if it’s a headboard to your bed.)  Explore placing pieces at an angle as well. Once that piece is placed, then move in order of size to placing the smaller pieces. 
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A Statement Piece:

Perhaps you already own this piece- something that draws the eye because of its color, shape, texture or even size. (Be careful to not overwhelm your room with a piece that’s just too large for your space, however.) What if you need a statement piece?  Try second hand shops, antique shops, and flea markets. Once you've found it, consider placing it nearby or across the room from any natural architectural focal point such as a fireplace.
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Go to Flea Markets:

You can find some amazing things if you look carefully.  What are some things you should be looking for?  Here’s a list to start your quest:
  • tool boxes (for flower arrangement/plants)
  • vintage scales 
  • Old signs
  • church pews (for entries)
  • matching upholstered wingback chairs
  • vintage fans
  • school-style chalkboards
  • wooden ladders
  • galvanized everything
  • glass jars
  • weathered books
  • metal baskets
  • industrial furniture
  • old window frames
  • old wooden boxes/crates
  • soda (not pop) bottles
  • bird cages
  • mantels
  • Industrial scrap pieces

Where to Find Flea Markets:

In the state of Washington, flea markets are few and far between, but here’s at least a partial list of places I found.  Be sure to check when they’re open before you set out.  Many are only open during one season, or one day a week. Other states and locales probably offer at least as many as Washington.  Another option is to check the internet for websites like this wonderland of “found” objects:

Name:                               City:                     Open:

Fremont Market Fremont     Seattle                      Sundays
                                                                                     2nd Sat. of month
Starlight Swap Meet              Lakewood                weekends
Olympia Flea Market            Olympia                    Sat. & Sun.
Seabold Vintage Market      Bainbridge Island 
Packwood Flea Market         Packwood
Anacortes Flea Market         Anacortes
Mad Hatter Vintage F. M.    Spokane
Junk Drunk                            Colville                        2nd week of April
Pasco Flea Market                Pasco                           Mar-Dec weekends

In Conclusion:

What if you aren’t sure you’d know a good deal from a rip off? What if you need help because you just don’t have the time to go check out these haunts?  What if you just need some guidance to separate the trash from the treasures?  Contact us at this website and we’ll set up an initial meeting where you can share your hopes and dreams regarding your home and help you get started.

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