Adding Home Automation

June 23, 2019

For many of us, our first experience with "automation" in our homes was when we got a coffee maker that we’d set up in the evening, and it would make coffee the next morning while you woke up.  It was so nice!  We’ve come a long way way, baby since that time!  Today, home automation is the centralized control of a variety of functions and systems in the house. Here's that coffee pot from the seventies.  Remember it?

The new devices can save you time, money and/or make your life a little easier. The possibilities are immense, ranging from lights and locks to cameras and… coffee makers!  Many of the devices and appliances within the home are set to work together, and can all be controlled from a simple, user-friendly interface. The benefits of home automation systems often exceeds that initial cost, which can range from just over $1,000 for a simple wireless model to more than $20,000 for a wired system installed both in the interior and exterior of the home.

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One of the most basic and economic steps to creating a smart home is set up automated lighting.  It not only allows you to set up unique times when you’re vacationing or out late for an evening, it can turn lights on in the morning when you’re alarm goes off or when you walk into the room.  Recently, one client had lights installed that would not only dim but would change color depending upon a touch of his smart phone or tablet.


Kitchen Appliances

Today, cooking options vary between induction cooktops (that cook food evenly & don't have to heat up, as they start cooking the instant the pan touches the element,) to convection, steam and/or microwave ovens that bake and roast foods to perfection.   A speed-cooking oven not only saves you time, the results are delicious and better for you so you can savor time living.  Refrigeration now stores your food at the perfect temperature and humidity to allow it to last longer and maintain its freshness.  Clean up has become easier, as well.  Gourmet cooking is no longer reserved for well-known chefs.  You, too can more easily produce meals that are delicious and healthy.

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Window Coverings

Most window covering companies have treatments that can be motorized. Consumers are enjoying the convenience and safety inherent with systems doing the work of raising, lowering, transversing or tilting their window treatments.  They can provide a new level of light control, privacy, convenience, and safety for small members of the family or extended family.









One of the primary concerns for many homeowners is security.  Smart locks connect to your smart phone and automatically lock or unlock doors with the touch of a button, working in combination with your other home systems.

You’ll never again have to wonder whether you turned off the cooktop burner or locked the front door when you install a system that you can check on your smart phone.




Between movie night with the family, searching the internet for the perfect whatever, playing games, watching the big game with friends, there’s a lot we do with media on a daily basis. It’s great to have all these platforms easy to find, and work effortlessly together.  An automated media center can assist you to consolidate your entertainment needs into a tidy & attractive location.









Types of Systems

Homeowners can choose from wired, wireless or combine both wired and wireless. A wired home automation system is the most reliable option, but is also the most expensive. Installation is less costly if you’re having it installed as you are building your home, rather than installing in an existing home. With the combination home automation system, you get the reliability and backup of a wired system, but the system works wirelessly if there is a connection problem.

In conclusion

Are you interested in adding (at least some of) these features in your home?  We’d love to assist you in this endeavor so that we select the perfect system for you and your loved ones.  Contact us through this website, and we’ll find the right options for your budget and preferences.

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