Using Feng Shui to Buy Your Next Home - Part 2

December 24, 2017

Even the most primitive organisms on earth must deal with reading the environment and making decisions that move it toward survival and sustaining its life.  How does a primitive organism do this? They have all learned to instinctively read their environment.  If the energy is positive and providing them with the vitality they need, they move toward it.  If the energy is not in harmony with their needs, then they instinctively move away from it.  Westerners call that “bad vibes.”  So, let's talk about the good vibes: the goal in Feng Shui.


Laying the Ba-gua

Let us first look at the Feng Shui map, called a Ba-gua, (Ba means eight and gua means area.)  The eight areas/guas include: 1) Career, 2) Fame/Reputation, 3) Family/Elders, 4) Wealth, 5) Helpful People/Travel, 6) Children, 7) Knowledge and 8) Partnership.  A ninth area is created in the center, which is Health. We lay the Ba-gua over the floorplan of the house, dividing it both horizontally and vertically into 3 equal parts so it looks like a tic-tac-toe board.  


In BTB Feng Shui, you enter the home in Knowledge, Career, or the Helpful People/Travel gua, those areas located at the bottom of the Ba-gua.  You need to have an entry space, even if it is small.  Homes built in the 1950s often didn’t put this into a home unless it was high end and large.  If the home was built mid century and/or it doesn’t have a foyer/entry area, then you need to think about ways in which you can make an entry. (This can be done using furniture placement or actual building a partial or full wall.  Other options are available as well.) If space provides, this is a good place to put a water fountain or beautiful piece of art.  

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should really be at the back of the home (ideally in the back right corner) as you stand in the main entrance to the home.  It is better to have a single entry door, rather than double doors into your bedroom.  You should have a door at the entrance to the master bath, even if it is a pocket door. You should be able to place your bed so that when lying in it, you are facing the door. You should not, however be in direct line with that doorway, as it is the first of three important furnishings in the home.  Select a home with a flat ceiling in the bedroom, rather than a sloping one, or one with beams.  


It is ideal to have your Office/Den/Study sit in the Knowledge or Wealth gua/area of the Ba-gua.  The desk is the second of three important furnishings in a home.  Within the room, you should to be able to place your desk so that you are facing the door without being in direct line with the door.  
Oops- this desk faces the view and not the entryway.

Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms should in the middle or the front of the house.  Having a child’s bedroom placed behind the parents’ bedroom can cause challenges in authority.


Bathrooms in the Relationship (Partnership) and/or Family guas are best. A bathroom near the front door drains the energy entering the home.  A bathroom off the kitchen can cause confrontations and aren't the best location. 

The Kitchen

Having a kitchen in the front of the house isn’t ideal, and you shouldn’t be able to see the kitchen from the front door.  The cooktop/stovetop is the last of the three important furnishings in one’s home.  You should be able to stand at the stove and cook while facing the entrance to the kitchen, without being in direct line with the doorway.
Used with permission from Microsoft


The best gua to have a fireplace is fame/reputation, but  another acceptable place is the Partnership gua.  Again, there are cures with which a feng shui consultant can provide you for a misplaced fireplace.


Assuming that the house has two or more floors, a stairway's base should be located someplace other than close to the main entrance, so that you'd run down the stairs and directly out the door.  Stairways in the center of the house are not ideal, either, however. 



In Conclusion

Questions?  Comments?  We would love to hear from you.  Some of this might seem like basic good sense, and it is, but it is a little more complex that it appears in this entry.  If you think you have found the right house and want us to come see it to give you opinion from a feng shui perspective, contact us via this website, and we can set up an appointment.
Happy House Hunting!

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