Transitional Style

August 06, 2017

Colors in Transitional Design:

The palette of transitional style relies on a combination of neutral colors: white, crème, tan, or vanilla, taupe, with additions of browns for depth or a combo of greys…

Example 1: Tans

Example 2: Taupes


Example 3: Greys

… And possibly the addition of a pastel such as light blue, soft aqua, lavender, peach or butter yellow.  (Don't add all or you won't really have Transitional Style.)

Transitional furnishings

Furnishings have strong profiles and forthright style — not a Baroque or Rococo ornamentation to be found. Placid curves and straight lines create a marriage of energy.
You can add older furniture styles, but use updated versions, like a modern wing chair or a pared-down étagère. Keep the scale on the larger side: enough to feel inviting and the seating padded and cozy; you want to sit down and settle in comfortably.


Textiles are also soft and comfy.  Soft cottons, ultrasuedes, supple leathers, and touchable chenilles work well in chic patterns and sophisticated solids.


A minimalist approach requires steady and astute editing. Artwork should be simply framed. Lamps and lighting should have strong, clean lines.  This elemental grouping of accessories will complement your furniture and the less-is-more approach of this style.

It’s Popular Because...

If you look through home design magazines such as House Beautiful, Luxe, Elle Décor, or Décor, over half of the rooms you’ll view are transitional design. Transitional style signifies that there’s a balance between contem-porary and traditional, so you don’t have to deviate from the familiar while having the freedom to refresh it as you feel so inspired.  Your room can reflect current trends, so it holds its appeal over time.


You Will Be Drawn to Transitional if…

You yearn for the authentic.  You prefer to wear one real jewel over lots of bracelets or chandelier earrings.  You’d rather be alone than with a bunch of people who aren’t true friends...  If you prefer to be in charge because your standards are higher than most people’s and you aren’t afraid of that fact...  A trip to an elegant spa is far better day than one sharing a beach with a bunch of people… And (in Feng shui terms) you have some Metal in your personality!



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