Setting a Summertime Table

August 13, 2017

A Color Scheme


First, look in your kitchen cabinets for dishes for color ideas and go from there.  If yours are white, then consider other options for alternative ways to bring some bright and fresh hues to your table.  You can always use paper plates, cups, and napkins for a more casual affair, which come in all sizes and shapes… After all, it’s summertime.



Go hunting in your garden for casual-looking flowers that you can put into Mason jars, a pitcher, a clear vase, drinking glasses, or other unexpected receptacle.  If you have lots of flowers in the same color family, great, but you can always go for a multi-color arrangement.  Consider slicing up some lemons in the vase for a festive look if your arrangement lacks color.  No garden?  Buy them at a public market like Pike Place in Seattle, or your neighborhood farmer’s market to save a few bucks.


Covering the Table?

Tablecloths don’t have to fit perfectly in the summer- it’s a strictly casual look, so consider:‚Äč

  • beach towels (yes, you can throw them in the wash afterwards!)
  • Twin flat sheet
  • an old quilt
  • a blanket
  • a table runner 
  • placemats
  • a throw rug (Be sure to vacuum it/throw it in the wash and dry it beforehand.)

Set-up for Drinks

Consider setting up a bar so that guests can serve themselves as they get thirsty.  First, find a tray or cart upon which to place everything.  Ice in a bucket, cups/glasses, sliced lemon and/or lime in a small container, cocktail napkins, and beverages (alcoholic or not) are all just a pour away.









Buffet Style

Buffet Style is a great casual way to serve food unless you have pesky insects to consider.  Contemplate serving the food inside, and then taking it outside.  Review elevations when serving (so that the food isn’t all on the same level surface) for great visual appeal.  Use books, or an unused kitchen receptacle like a pot, pan bowl placed toward the back of the buffet underneath a “tablecloth” (see above) for a nice arrangement.

In conclusion

You will create a visually appealing space for entertaining- such good feng shui- it should be the dinner party everyone’s talking about for years to come. Please send us pictures of the set-up before your guests arrive!



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