What Does Your 9 Star Ki Say About Your Preferred Design Style?

October 01, 2017

You also have a personal tao, the hidden pattern of your true destiny and design.  Sometimes each of us experiences moments of synchronicity, when you’ve had direct contact with your tao, attuned to your inner plan.  Today we share your Nine Star Ki (pronounced Key,) based on your birthday year, month and day.  What you will read below is generalizations about people who share your characteristics, so not every part of it will be the same for you as it is for another who shares your birthdate.  It can manifest itself in different ways, depending upon your life history, as well. 

You are assigned three numbers (1-9) in this system based on your birth year, month and day. Each number has an associated element: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and /or Metal. Some have associations with Yin and Yang. The first number is the most important because it represents your general essential personality. Today, we’ll take a look at that first number and predict ways in which you might select a decor that meets your core personality.  So, first, figure out your 9 Star Ki numbers on the chart below.

Once you’ve figured out your numbers, then figure out the numbers for any other person living in your household, as you may want to consider what style may help them to feel completely at ease and comfortable. 

#1: Water

You probably prefer rich, darker colors, such as black, burgundy, navy or brown.  You are likely to prefer curves to straight lines, and because of this might appreciate Victorian Era homes and furnishings.  Because of your creative nature, you may prefer to design your own furniture, so no one else can duplicate what you have placed in your home.  You probably are not too interested in the latest styles, as you are not very concerned about what others think of your home’s decor.

#2: Earth

You like comfort, so you may be more sensitive to how a piece of upholstered furniture feels when you sit in it.  It also needs to have ample room for you, because you’re likely to have your children or your pet sitting with you.  You will need a some sort of a table near you, because you like to have your beverage near you, as well as your channel changer, book, or project on which you are working.  You probably can like modern from a distance, but could not live without your comfortable couch and your collections. Style-wise, you are probably more likely to enjoy traditional furniture with some curves rather than linear pieces.  You are also capable of having DIY projects around the house, as you enjoy these sorts of ventures.

#3: Yang Wood

Straight lines suit you- something without a lot of decoration, so Mid-Century Modern, Modern, or Contemporary works for you.  Because of your love of nature, you may like rustic style as long as it is not too fussy. You may also enjoy a plethora of wood in your home, so antiques or Craftsman style could works beautifully for you.

#4: Yin Wood

Many of the Yang Wood characteristics fit you as well.  Straight lines also work best for you, but you are very flexible so you can deal with curves if your partner prefers them. 






                                                                                 Photo credit: Decoist.com

#5: Earth

You probably entertain friends and family often, so whatever you select for your home decor has to accomodate guests.  Everything said about #2 Earth applies to you, but you would prefer to be the one who selects the furniture for the house, because you will very carefully consider the many factors (comfort, looks, longevity, wear factors, cost, etc.) before you purchase anything.  Other family members will probably be happy to let you make the final decisions.

#6: Yang Metal

You would prefer a refined look, and you will go to great lengths to make certain that everything from the furniture layout to the accessories are just right.  You are interested in finding pieces of value that are well made- perhaps something you can pass on to the next generation.  You probably are not interested in the latest styles, but rather in classic pieces that have been around and will be around for generations.  You may like traditional or transitional decor.  You probably dislike the Victoria Era because it is overly accessorized and decorated.

Photo credit: Houzz.com

                                                  Photo credit: HGTV.com

#7: Yin Metal

You also prefer a refined look, just like Yang Metal. You create beauty wherever you go, so you can produce a carefully thought out plan including vignettes that make the beholder stop and take notice. There is a special sense of style about everything you do, whether it is being host/hostess at a party, your attire, or your home's decor.






#8: Earth

Everything said about #2 Earth applies to you, but you are more likely to find furniture for the less fortunate in society than go crazy decorating in your own home.  Whatever is there needs to be comfy, though and conveniently arranged. You have more stamina than all the other numbers, yet you should learn to relax and enjoy your home by sitting down now and again.



#9: Fire

You love pizazz, and you are not afraid of bright colors, big prints, and statement art pieces.  You may tend to tire of your decor more quickly than most, so it is best to be ready to pass pieces on to others and acquire new (at least to you.)  The Bohemian look was probably developed by a Fire person: eclectic, fun and a bit wild.

In conclusion

Are you interested in learning more about 9 Star Ki?  We include an analysis in every feng shui consultation, because we have found that this system has proven to be so accurate in describing personality traits.  If you find that the style explained above does not match with your tastes, it could be because the other two numbers help to define your preferences.

We hope that the photos, combined with the characteristics of each personality has helped you be able to identify attributes in your home that would make your home warm and welcoming to you.  We know the styles and what will work well within the home, and can work with you to create your Nirvana, one that is as unique as you.  Contact us via this website and we will set up a meeting so that you can share and fulfill your dream of a harmonious space in your near future.

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