Creating An Outstanding Office - Part 1

December 31, 2017

We would like to make some suggestions based on feng shui training, as well as being designers who work 75% from inspiration, and 25% from organization! Approximately 3/4 of our reading has shown that Feng Shui is all about being neat and tidy.  While being neat and tidy is a wonderful attribute, it's really not what feng shui is all about.  

Our beloved Professor Grandmaster Lin Yun, former leader of the BTB Sect of Feng Shui would have said that it is equally important to have an efficient space upon which to complete tasks- but not if it looks like no one works there.  It is just fine to have items on the desktop that reflect the piece or pieces that you are working on- not that it is a giant hodgepodge of papers and books, but that the desk is being used for its purpose.

Peter Walsh has excellent organizational ideas!

The Position of the Desk!

The most important consideration for this space is the position of the desk within the office.  Just as one needs to be in Command Position when cooking at the stove and sleeping in one’s bed, one should position the desk so that you are facing the entrance but not directly in line with the doorway.  It should be facing the door wall, the wall perpendicular to the door, or be cater-corner to the door, so that when you sit in its chair you are facing the door.  This last suggestion is most effective when you want to grow your company for those in a home business office, or in a commercial space.  The cater-corner position can cause overwhelm for anyone not prepared for additional work, so be careful to utilize this placement judiciously. 

The Desk

First of all, you need a desk.  We had one client who had a home business, and said she preferred to do her work while sitting on her couch in her living room.  This client wanted to grow the business and make more money, so we suggested that she purchase a desk and place it in a separate room designated for her business.  She did, and the work began to increase as soon as she made this change.
The size of the desk is also important.  One must consider the size of the room in which you are working, especially if it’s small in square footage.  However, the desk needs to be large enough to be useful, yet not so huge that it takes up too much real estate.
The shape of the desk should be a rectangular, square, or even round.
On one hand, you want your desk to be neat and organized, but on the other, you want to use it.  As long as you are taking 15 minutes to straighten things up at the end of each day, you’re in great shape in feng shui terms.
This office feels empty... add some interest and color!

More Next Week:

Next week we will share more information, partially about sources for organizational assists, and mostly about other feng shui considerations for an office that's been improved and made for useful. We will share information on effective offices, whether it is a home office, a business office, or your business office in your home. We will discuss colors and other characteristics that make for good feng shui in your office.  Check it out on January 7!
Questions? Need help in deciding what works best in your interiors? Write back and we’ll “talk” online (, or give us a call and we’ll discuss your challenges as well as your design needs and desires.

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