2018 Color Palette Predictions

December 03, 2017

Red-violets that were prevalent included:

Maroon, burgundy or wine hues that were frequently seen included:

However, predicted colors are all over the map for 2018! This prediction is covering three major color predictors for the next year:  Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Pantone. We’ll endeavor to wind through the myriad of predictions, and how colors we see (particularly in fashion) will influence our choices in decor hues throughout 2018 and beyond.

Benjamin Moore...

...has selected Caliente for their Color of the Year, but has a color palette to complement this vivid choice that includes:


...has selected three palettes: Sincerity, Unity, and Connectivity.


We’re decluttering, moving more possessions into the Cloud, and in general seeking a “less is more” philosophy. Rather than viewing silence as empty, we are instead seeing it as rich and rare with possibility. The hushed tones of this palette reverberate around sand, greys, and muted botanicals.


Nationalism and globalism are in flux, and we’re remapping our sense of community.  Unique skyscrapers reflect our continued optimism.  Cities all over the globe continue to expand with global hubs of folkloric crafts as well as offering ever-growing culinary options.  We crave security and adventure simultaneously. We are citizens of the world with a combination of muted neutrals and bright hues.


While we’re all unique individuals, people worldwide all make decisions on everything from what’s for dinner to choosing a college on what we find on the internet.  Techies are the new hippies, full of innovative ideas and utopian ideals.  This high tech palette is pixelated in orange, violets, digital trees and high-def yellow.


... selects (a) new palette(s) for every season, so it’s challenging to keep up with them.  How ironic then is it that their newest palettes is all a reflection of the concept of time.  As they so aptly point out, time defines what we are doing, thinking, planning and feeling.

“Time is something that we don’t want to run out of. Like a spool of everlasting thread, anchored somewhere in the darkness, it winds out of the past and on into the future, connecting us all in complex ways. It is the one unalterable, dependable thing that cannot be broken or stretched – yet.”

This season’s Colour Planner tries to capture the many facets of time: the fast and furious, the slow and simple, the past and future.










In conclusion

If you're wondering why you should care what the new hues are in 2018, then consider that these are the hues that will be available in fabrics, accessories and more for purchase in the coming year.  Next week, we'll tackle each hue separately and look at the popular red, yellows, blues, etc.  We'll talk about the implication to your home according to feng shui, as well.

If you need assistance with determing colors for your home, contact us through this website and we'll make an appointment to help... either a little or a lot, depending upon your needs.

                             HAPPY COLORING!

Cover picture from Herosite.co

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