Five Feng Shui Tips for Home Design

June 18, 2017

Even the most primitive organisms on earth instinctively read their environment.  If the energy is positive and providing them with the vitality they need, they move toward it.  If the energy is not fulfilling their needs and they are weaker, then they intuitively move away from it.  When we experience the same thing, Westerners often call that “bad vibes.”  Throughout feng shui’s 5,000 year history, the guiding principle remains the same: the pursuit of the most advantageous and harmonious place to live and work.

1. The House

The house should have the front door facing the street, rather than leading to either side. The front door should be elevated a bit, with a few steps up to a porch.  The porch should have ample exterior lighting.  The yard should have a colorful presence with lots of healthy plants.

2. Entry/Foyer

The entry is the most important part of a structure.  In feng shui, it’s called the Mouth of Ch’i (energy.) Just as one must take in oxygen and nourishment, the home or office must have a good entry to allow good Ch'i to enter.  If the home doesn’t have a foyer/entry area, then think about ways in which you can make an entry. (This can be done using furniture placement or actually building a partial or full wall, for example.)


                                                                 Photo Credit: Transformations for Interiors!                                         

Three Areas of Importance:

1) the bed, 2) the desk, and 3) the cooktop.

3. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should really be at the back of the home, ideally in the back right corner as you stand in the front doorway.  You should have a door at the entrance to the master bath. You should to be able to place your bed so that as you lay in it, you can see the door without being in direct line with it.   



Photo Credit:  Jack Benson Design

4. Office/Den/Study

It’s ideal to have your Office/Den/Study sit in the front left side of the home as you look at your floor plan.  Within the room, you should to be able to place your desk so that you are facing the door when sitting at it without being in direct line with the door.  












5. The Kitchen

It’s ideal to have your kitchen placed on the back left side of the floor plan. The cooktop/stovetop is the third important piece in one’s home.  You should be able to stand at the stove and cook while facing the entrance to the kitchen, without being in direct line with the doorway.

Photo credit: Berkeley Mills Sereno Kitchen










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In Conclusion

Transformations for Interiors practices BTB (also called Modern, Black Sect or Black Hat) Feng Shui, so there’s an adjustment for your space in virtually all circumstances.  We adjust the ch’i of a home or office to bring beneficial and balanced energies. You can then live and work most joyfully... and effectively!  We help you create balance in your home or office, maximizing your comfort and happiness.  Contact us through this website to learn more.

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